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We at Lee Ting San Lorry Transport Sdn Bhd, with our broad and comprehensive range of transportation solutions enhanced by more than 30 years of experience, are able to offer our highly valued customer the most complete coverage in West Malaysia. With collective effort and professionalism between management and staff, we therefore guarantee :

- Reliable On Time Delivery To More Destinations In West Malaysia
- Dependable Claim-Free Service
- Efficient Direct Service To More Destinations

Our size and broad coverage of distribution area ensure customers with loyalty and service and the most competitive rates unsurpassed by many others in the business. To date, we have increased direct load, improved transit times and reduced handling risks and damage.

Lee Ting San Lorry Transport providing the services as follows:

  • Transportation of General / Bonded trucks

  • Container haulage

  • Built to lease warehouses

  • Leasing of trucks, forklifts and other equipments

  • Vehicles repair and maintenance works

  • Supply of labour