Lee Ting San Transport Agency is formed four years into Mr. Lee’s independent lorry delivery business which began with his own vehicle on the island of Penang, Malaysia.


A small office is set up together with his eldest son, Mr. Lee Kah Chye. The small business grows from 1 to 5 vehicles.


Ownership of vehicles increases steadily to 45 units and Lee Ting San Lorry Transport Sdn Bhd is formed.


The company acquires its first property of 11,000 sq. ft. as their base for the main corporate office in Bayan Lepas, Penang. The management of the company is handed over to Mr. Lee Kah Chye.


Total fleet size rises to 120 units. Range of solutions offered expands to warehousing service with the purchase of a 2-acre piece of land and construction of a 3-storey office building with bonded warehouse in Phase 4, Free Trade Zone in Bayan Lepas, Penang. The facility marks the beginning of the company’s venture into outsourcing solutions.

Lee Ting San’s transportation core business area adds Haulage to its range of capabilities with the purchase of 30 units of new Volvo and Scania Prime Movers and 150 units of trailers.

LTS Logistics Sdn Bhd is established this year.


The company buys more land and additional office space to cater to the rapidly growing haulage business and to enable internal vehicle servicing and maintenance.
Lee Ting San Group of companies holds their first annual company dinner at City Bayview Hotel in Georgetown, Penang. 250 employees celebrated this memorable event.


The company obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification and receives numerous awards including the Golden Bull Award, the SME Recognition Award and the 4th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award.


The company introduces the first-ever 40ft truck “Q7” to the market, which was outfitted with a customized body trailer to meet a customer’s specific requirement, aimed at reducing delivery time and cost-of-handling.


A 10-acre piece of land is purchased and converted into a Bonded and Non-Bonded Warehouse in Juru, Penang. A fleet of 100 units of prime movers for haulage is ordered. The company receives a Top 50 Enterprise Award.


LTS receives its second Golden Bull Award 2008 for Outstanding SME.


The group streamlines operations and restructures the organization into 5 core service areas which are Bonded Truck Transportation, Haulage, Distribution, Leasing and Warehousing. Each service subsidiary is under the management of its own Chief Operation Officer (COO) respectively. At this point, LTS Group fleet size now totals 250 units of Prime Movers, 205 units of Bonded trucks and 1050 units of trailers.


The Juru facility is renovated to accommodate a 2-storey administrative building for the Lee Ting San Group corporate main office with an attached 600,000 sqft warehouse.


Lee Ting San Group relocates to the newly renovated main office with centralized vehicle maintenance and service centre in Juru. The fleet size currently stands at approximately 1,000 units of vehicles and over 35 acres of land distributed across the Penang region where the offices and warehouses are located.