Ensuring the security of the goods in our care regardless if they are in storage or in transit is a major concern for us in Lee Ting San. We are fully committed to the on-going investment in security solutions and to that end have in place not only the integrated security monitoring systems in our facilities but also a robust GPS Tracking system, a capability that is installed throughout our fleet of vehicles.

The advance GPS Tracking system gives our operations supreme tracking capabilities and tools to respond to unexpected situations quickly, providing the pivotal support needed by the delivery team in the field.

The GPS Tracking system also collects indispensable data during operations that go into the monitoring and management of all the critical aspects of the transportation process such as fleet maintenance, dispatch management and on-the-field security alerts.

Efficient management of our fleet translates into cost savings for our customers by minimizing fuel wastage, avoiding any fuel mismanagement and transaction abuse. The temperature monitoring capability of the GPS Tracking systems safeguards our customers temperature-sensitive cargo.

Some of the key features of the GPS Tracking system includes:

  • View the exact location of every fleet in real time polling location-based information
  • Real time dashboard view allows access from a single screen to evaluate any events and pin-point exact locations of every fleet at any time
  • Evaluate the fleet performance based on speed violation, engine on-time, fleet idling, distance travelled and number of stops
  • Color coding fleets and grouping indication allows us to managed our fleet and driver effortlessly
  • Provides route information based on visual landmarks POI (Place of Interest) to ensure drivers reach the correct destination with minimal time wasted on getting lost
  • Panic button that enables our drivers to contact the control center in emergencies
  • Trigger alert for speed limit violations, harsh driving, long idling and hot spot entry/exit
  • Trigger alert for unauthorized fleet use when engine is started outside of assigned work hours, or when driver ID tag is not detected
  • FleetTracker protection feature that activates when GPS signal is interrupted, power cut off or when the system is being tempered with
  • Remote fleet immobilization that can be deployed via mobile or web control
  • Monitor engagement and disengagement transaction of fleet locations and dispatch information
  • Record of journey with temperature reading on each data polling interval
  • Trigger alert when the temperature rises or falls beyond a set threshold, or when air cond power is shut down